JUNE 2019

2019 has been a difficult year for those with significant long exposure to spot rates, be they Carriers or 3PLs with limited contractual business. Rates have been depressed nearly all year and though volumes have been relatively strong, albeit slightly down when compared to last year, spot market volume has been muted.

MAY 2019

Forward. Get comfortable with that word because it will find its way into your world more and more each day. Why? Well, aside from futures contracts serving as an instrument to lock in prices in advance, on a very basic level they provide guidance on not only what the market believes futures prices to be but also what price a company hedging via freight futures can effectively secure.

APRIL 2019

Finally, the wait is over. Gone are the days of questioning the true value of a lane because for the first time in history, the freight industry now has publicly broadcasted and transparent rates per mile for everyone to see.

MARCH 2019

Economically speaking, not much has changed since our February letter. The US economy has slowed from its rapid expansionary pace but continues to exhibit strong growth. 

FEB 2019

Now, without getting too full of ourselves, we’d like to remind the reader that we pride ourselves at K-Ratio as being completely unbiased in our perception and presentation of the marketplace and its conditions.

JAN 2019

Now, we do not claim to know the future. If we did, you wouldn’t be reading this; but we can use the past freight movement patterns and present macroeconomic situation to rationally predict what may come ahead.

DEC 2018

After reading the first paragraph, one may wonder aloud,
“What impact?”

NOV 2018

It’s quiet. There is no arguing that, but readers of this newsletter know our take on the calm in the market is one of seasonality, not of weakness in the industry or the economy in general, be it national or global. 

SEPT 2018

Firstly, we know the demand for trucks has not eased as all macro indicators still point to increased shipments.

AUG 2018

PPI continues to grow (.3% June 2018), alongside the US economy as a whole (4.1% Q2 GDP), while CPI less food, energy, and services is dropping (-0.2% June 2018).

JUNE 2018

According to FMCSA data, the trucking industry has added more than 500,000 jobs since 2012, representing an overall growth in employment of > 30%.

APRIL 2018

While the ELD mandate was introduced to the marketplace in December resulting in a 2 month bull market for OTR trucking rates, officers were still in the probationary phase of implementation, giving warnings and small fines to any carrier deemed out of compliance.