Freight Intelligence Card Demo -


Get Rid of Cancerous Freight Living Inside Your Portfolio

Welcome to the demo of the K-Ratio Freight Intelligence Dashboards, a data reporting and visual analytics tool for Carriers, Shippers, and 3PLs.  This “card” is called “Wasteland” as it shows a brokerage’s negative margin freight.

Our date filters are again located up top, allowing any selection of month or year We can even select several months simultaneously, if for example you wanted to slice the card’s data by a specific quarter.

Then, the maps show us bubbles of negative margin freight. The top map shows Origin locations, while the bottom shows Destinations.

Every Detail at Your Fingertips
Hovering over a bubble gives us more details such as the total dollar loss amount, as well as the number of negative margin loads outbound or inbound from a location.

We can even click on these bubbles and watch as the bar graph responds by filtering the data down to that selected location.

Here we can see what customers in our portfolio are driving the negative margin freight in any location.

Now we can start to ask questions and get fast insights. Such as in this case, the negative freightis tied to one customer as opposed to being spread across many.

This could be a bad quote with the customer, or this relationship could simply be a strategic loss leader.

If the negative freight was spread across several accounts, we might question the quality or size of our carrier network in this location.

Find Answers With Real Time Data
Finally, in our reference table below, we can view in real time the actual order information from your TMS platform.

Here we can sort by loss amount, and immediately spot anomalies we weren’t even looking for. As shown in the example video, a billing error is spotted by it’s comparably massive loss amount on what should be an Contract customer (as we have the RFP slicer selected in bottom right).

Visual and real time data will have you making smarter decisions and finding solutions faster.

With K-Ratio Freight Intelligence dashboards, you’ll no longer need to wait until the end of the month or quarter to get your reports. These cards are  automated into your lap and available throughout the day for all of  your departments.

For more information on K-Ratio’s Freight Intelligence dashboards, contact us to request your demo for Freight Intelligence today.