Pulling Back The Curtain:

"Discovering Wasteland”

Thursday, June 17 @ 1:00CT

K-Ratio has rapidly become known as a leader in industry for our insightful, and on-point analysis of the freight markets. We tell you what’s happening in the freight markets, along with what to do about it, based on data, insights, and experience.


But when it comes to data from your own freight portfolio, do you truly understand and optimize your own company data to its full potential?

As a 3PL or freight broker, ask yourself:


  • Do you break out your portfolio by spot vs contract?

  • Do you have an intimate knowledge of your O/D pairs?

  • Do you recognize the difference between losers and strategic loss leaders?


If you answered NO to any of these, then you need to join our new Pulling Back the Curtain Webinar to discover what Wasteland is, and how it could be greatly impacting your operations and profitability.


In 30 minutes, we’ll show you how to seek and discover the Wasteland in your own freight portfolio, and how to take corrective measures that can completely change your operation’s profitability.

Pulling Back the Curtain will demonstrate revealing tactics to help you drastically optimize your freight portfolio through understanding your own data. Each month, this 30 minute Webinar will focus on revealing a new area of opportunity for optimization and revenue improvement within your own portfolio and operations, plus a live Q & A.


Pat Draut, K-Ratio Managing Director & Business Intelligence Expert

Kyle Lintner, K-Ratio Managing Director & Freight Industry Analyst


Brokers that discover and correct "Wasteland" issues see an average of 8% improvement in bottom line performance... without adding 

a single new customer.